Dry Irish Stout

Michelle and I stopped by Hillsdale pub for a pint of Dry Irish Stout. The beer was phenomenal, and as luck would have it, a strolling bag-piper stopped by for a few songs. Now 4 feet is not what I would call “optimum listening distance” for bag-pipes, but it was a nice touch, and the piper knew when enough was enough.

Also, a belated congrats to the Hillsdale Brewer Greg Balch for his victory at the Battle of the Belt this year. We enjoy your beer.

Meaty IPA

I moved my Yakima IPA 3 from secondary into the keg today. I’m quite concerned because it tastes pretty bad. I think maybe it got a bug in it. The final gravity was perfect, 1.011, but tastes is meaty, but not it an ammerilo hop kind of way. Damn. I haven’t brewed a bad batch for a long time. We don’t count that cider, of course 🙂

ABV Calculator, Tools Page

I finished and ABV calculator over the weekend, and added it and the IBU calculator to the Tools page, which you can get to from the top and side navigation links.

It should work with Specific Gravity and Plato, and do temperature corrections for Celcius and Fahrenheit. I didn’t add support for Potential Alcohol because, well, its pretty obvious.