Monthly Archive for May, 2003

Beer Black Hole

I was just in Nebraska for a family wedding, and it was light beer or no beer for the whole trip. I chose no beer.

Actually, we did get bumped from a flight and spent the night in Denver, where I had a wonderful porter. It was strong enough to tide me over.

Freezer Chest Kegerator

freezer chest

Scott put together a guide for converting a Freezer Chest to a kegerator. Its now online, and its another great way to keep the ones cool.

Dogfish Head Tasting

Michelle and I took our Oly stubbies back to John’s Market tonight. The lot was full because Friday night includes wine testing. Damn, wine snobs and I’ve got a box of Oly Stubbies. I was very surprised as one typical Portland Male stepped to the side exposing a Dogfish Head banner, and a table with several sixers and open bottles with tasting glasses on it. Sweet Mercifal Crap! Dogfish Tasting!

I ditched the stubbies and we were able to try ImmortAle, Chicory Stout, and Raison D’etre – they were all fabulous. Very unique and full. Even the Wine tasters were enjoying it. Plus, I got to me the owner of John’s Marketplace – and he was really cool, just like the rest of his family. Best place to shop for beer hands down.

Full Sail brews Henry's

Full Sail is going to be contract brewing Henry Winehard’s for SABMiller. This seems like good news all around. Unless you work at the Tumwater Brewery. Sorry Guys 🙁


Persuasion Pale has been racked to primary, and is waiting for krausen. It should be good. It had a very nice flavor, etc. OG was a little lower than expected, at 1.048 – not bad though, and well within the pale ale range. The recipe is on the recipes page if you’re curious.

Grain Dust Boogers

You know those dirty boogers you get when you work outside, or around sawdust? Well, I have those right now from grain dust. I milled a bunch of grain on Saturday morning, and am still working it out of my system.

Oh, but it was worth it though. I bought 25lbs of grain, 2 vials of yeast, and a bottle drying rack for $26. The bottle rack is for Scott. I’ve nearly forgotten what bottles do 🙂

Atomiq/WestSide U-Brew closeout

Nev Okyay’s lease is up and he’s “liquidating” his inventory. The extract, grains and hops are going for 1/2 price, and there’s more! Sad to see him move, but maybe the new place will be even better. Anyway, here’s the list:

Old Beer Lables

Salem Beer

A friend forwarded a link to a gallery of old Oregon trademarks and lables, including many different beers. Its a really cool gallery, but I really like the beer labels especially. Like Mt. Hood, or this Salem Beer. Mmm…. Salem beer….

Disturbing Game

catch a kolsch

There’s something really disturbing about this game. Why would you throw bottles at people? Plus, how do you know if they’re minors? Maybe the reprocussions of this game were never considered.