Monthly Archive for July, 2003

Hop Madness

Mark your calendars for Hop Madness this year. It looks like another cool event, and could really be a lot of fun. I need to brew another IPA, so maybe its a possible entrant.

Oregon Brewers Festival 2003

This weekend’s Oregon Brewers Festival was a blast. I had a wonderful time trying various beers, and enjoying them with friends. It was a wonderful opportunity to try beers that are normally not found in the portland arena. On the second day, I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Fred Eckhardt over a delightful Anacortes Pilsner. He had a number of wise words, and was a joy to speak with. The whole event really solidified my beleif in good beer. Only 363 days until the next event.

Oregon Brewers Festival

In case there were some of you out there that didn’t know about this, this weekend is the Oregon Brewers Festival here in Portland.

I’m really looking forward to it and will be there Saturday and Sunday.

Nalgene Wet-Dream

For some reason I stumbled on over to the Nalgene website, and found a Carboy section that was full of really cool containers. Maybe some day I can get some of these cool toys. I imagine they’d work fairly well for brewing. The other gear is really cool too. Now if only I could get that stout into the keg…

Victory Blindness?

I tried Victory’s Prima Pils and Hop Devil this weekend. They are very highly rated on BeerAdvocate. The Pils was really not great, but the Hop Devil was excellent. It was one of the better ESB’s I think I’ve ever had. And yes, I know its an IPA. It is good, but I don’t think its #8 good. You East Coasters need to try some IPA’s from out here. I highly recommend Bridgeport, though there are too many to list. Go west young man!

Porter's Porter

Well, I kegged my robust porter on Sunday which I am calling Porter’s Porter after the dog. I tried it last night, and it still needs to carbonate a little more but other than that I thought it was pretty good. Not as hoppy as I expected, which is good cause I think it has a nice balance of maltiness and hops. Its a nice dark brown color from the chocolate and other roasted malts. I wish it had a little more body so next time I think I will add a little bit of Munich malt.

I also have a Kolsch lagering away which will be ready mid August. Its not my recipe but I thought I would give it a shot. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Also, look for some new recipes that I will be adding soon for the Porter and Czech Pilsner.