Double Chocolate Stout

I am half way through the production of a chocolate stout. So far it tastes good, and had a moderate Original Gravity (1.054). However, when I racked to my secondary fermentation carboy, I ended up leaving behind about 3/4 gallon of sediment and slurry. Normally I only have about an inch of sediment. Does this sound abnormal to anyone else? Would anyone have racked the sediment with the rest of the wort?

Of course my largest concern is that if it turns out really good, I will wish I had more than 4 gallons of it to drink.

Birthday @ Horsebrass

I celebrated my birthday a day early by going to the Horsebrass Pub yesterday with my wife and friends. Had more beers that normal, though enjoyed each. Walkabout’s Jabberwocky Strong Ale, Hair of the Dog’s Ruth, Chimay Tripel, and something I don’t remember of hand (I didn’t pick it). It was loads of fun, and I nearly won a game of Rummy. The fish & chips were amazing, and the fish was fried to perfection, like a lovely donut.

Organic Brewers Festival 03

Scott and I made a trip out to Port Halling for the first annual Organic Brewers Festival. Nearly 30 beers were on tap at the event, as well as many local “green” organizations and beer groups. It was a fun event, and looks like it was successful enough to happen again next year.

I’ve personally been baffled by organic beers because although I want to like them, I have generally not found them to be of comparable quality. I find it hard to believe it has anything to do with the ingredients, but considering most of these brewers also make fine non-organic beers, I’m not sure what the deal is. This event at least showed me that there are several great organic brews out there, and that I shouldn’t loose hope. I’d like to see what’s available next year.

Bones & Brews

Scott, Sarah, Michelle and I hit up Rogue’s Bones & Brews fundraiser this afternoon, slightly before it started raining. It was a nice event, but somewhat different that what I’d expected. Quite entertaining, great food, great beers, and I don’t think enough can be said about how involved Rogue is in the community.

Kind Gesture

My wife’s long time friend and her new boyfriend were in town this week. We took them to the Horse Brass because they smoke, and she wanted a hamburger, and I wanted beer. We had a good time, and as a gift, the boyfriend bought us a six pack of Heinekin. Its not something I drink, but he knew that I liked beer, and for all he could tell, it was a good beer. It was a very kind gesture, and I appreciate it. Its been hot enough in our house lately that an exceedingly pale lager is just what the doctor ordered.