Monthly Archive for November, 2003

Persuasion Pale 2

Tapping Persuasion Pale number 2 today. It was popular with my mother-in-law and brother-in-law, so I’ve made it to serve on Thanksgiving. I’ve not tried it carbonated yet, but the warm beer had a very nice citrus boquet, with an almost SNPA taste. Lets hope its as good as the first batch, or my ass is grass. Well, not really.

Moldy Beer

Moldy Keg of IPA

I’ve got a carboy on the floor full of a neglected beer. Its developed a slight cap of mold on the top, but it still seems to taste good, and its at its target gravity. Is this mold a bad sign?

It was in Primary for 2-3 weeks, and Secondary for another 3. I’m not sure whether I should keg it, toss it, or bottle a couple. What’s the worst that could happen? A case of the skitters?

What would you do? Its an IPA. With a pretty high IBU. I guess I’ll just have to clean and sanitize all my vessels again.

Bald Guy Brown

Took a spent keg of Bald Guy Brown back to New Old Lompoc on Friday and decided to stay for dinner. The drive down was horrific – one and a half hours of traffic. The brewer, who had lent me the proper fittings for a Golden Gate keg was there. I returned the parts and he informed me that I had the last of the Bald Guy Brown. He wasn’t brewing it anymore because no one buys it. Its a shame because its the best Brown I’ve had.

Dinner was great, as were the beers. They’re going to be opening another location in SE Portland called the something shed. I can’t remember, but its supposed to be a dog friendly place with beer & wine. Sounds great.

Kegerators for Hire

Here’s a story about some engineering students in Massachusetts who have started a kegerator conversion business. Not a bad idea, and seems like quite a bit of fun. I wish I’d though of it.

Actually, come to think of it, it might be scary to have to work in college houses. Never know what could be lurking in a fridge.

Upgraded to Moveable Type 2.64

I’ve just updated to Movable Type 2.64, so we’ll see if things work correctly.