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Miller High Life turns 100

The beer I grew up around just turned 100 years of age. Miller High Life is what my dad drank in Wyoming. After finishing a case, it was traditional to take all the clear empties back to the store to reclaim the deposit. The uniquely shaped bottles still carry the signature shape, though I imagine sales of cans has far outweighed bottles lately.

My dad started drinking micro brews after moving to Washington, though he insists Miller High Life was better when he drank it back in the day. No one else seems to think so.

I have no affinity for the beer, or its previous or current owners, but I’m quite impressed that they could make a product that has stayed the same for so long. That’s quite a feat.

Copper Creek Brewers Guild

My dad has joined a home brewing guild up at Holden Village. The Guild consists of maybe 10-15 amateur brewers who brew from kits from Northern Brewer. The Guild seems to be quite active, though I’m not sure about what materials and equipment they have at their disposal.

My dad’s first beer was a Nut Brown. It turned out better than my first batch, but was still a little green at the time I tried it. The guild members seem to do a good job because they pit their own beers against some micros in a blind taste-test, and prefered the guild beer over the micros.

Now one of the guild members has asked me to find a clone recipe for a Dutch beer, Texelse. No luck as of yet, and I can’t even seem to find a way to translate the page for any useful information. If you know dutch, or happen to know a clone recipe for one of their ales, please let me know.