Monthly Archive for March, 2004

Late Entrant to Battle of the Beers

I’ve already missed most of’s Battle of the Beers, but i was able to vote for Rogue’s Brutal Bitter today, pitting a classic Rogue ale against Grant’s upstart financial savoir Mandarin Hefe.

If you’ve got time, cast a vote to your fave, and maybe have one too. I wish I’d remembered the contest. I always seem to pick the loosers.

Redhook in the Red?

Now that all archived entries have dropped of the front page, I’d better post something. Like news that Redhook is hurting, and a change in distribution agreements with AB could seriously damage the company.

I’m hard on Redhook quite often, but that’s partly because I used to love their beers, their culture, and their advertising. Now I’m not so fond of their beer, their bedding with AB, or their advertising. But I really don’t want to see them go. I’d rather they just made fantastic beers again.

ABV & IBU calculators working

Thanks to Joe (monkey) Jasper for pointing out that the IBU and ABV calculators had stopped working. Apple changed a PHP setting in my last upgrade. But now the problem has been fixed, and you can get back to over-hopping your beers!

Lucky Lab – Big Beers

The Lucky Lab on Hawthorne is having a Big Beers festival today and Saturday, March 5 & 6th. I think some Beer Advocate folks will be there. I think I will too.