Amarillo Red for Joe's Wedding

Today I brewed my second batch of Amarillo Red, but decreased the bittering hops a little since its going to be for mass consumption. The final IBU was 38.8, which is still in style, and really not that much of a change. Oh well, I tried.

The boil and such all went normally, though I noticed more hot break junk than usual. I’m not sure if that is partly due to using DME or something else, but it makes me somewhat nervous. I’m also going to use Edinburgh Ale Yeast instead of Irish Ale yeast. I think it’ll be nicer, but I’ve got a scottish bent.

OG: 1.049

The Yakima IPA #6 was popular at Michelle’s Graduation party, as was Scott’s RyePA. Though I would have been happy enough to have a palatable batch after the last couple IPA disasters, I was especially pleased how it turned out. I plan on keeping the recipe. I hope this Red works the same.

Odd linking request

I received an e-mail out of the blue from the manufacturer of a fancy capping system for home fermentation. They would link to my site if I would link to theirs in return.

I checked out the site, and the product is a slightly improved moonshining operation. They don’t distill, but they give sell you a bottle cap that allows you to ferment beer or cider or whatever in 2 liter bottles. Although I’m sure you could make some palatable drinks with this system, it seems doomed to failure, like most early “brewing” attempts during prohibition.

I decided not to link to them since it had less to do with beer and more to do with bacteria farming. So I received a second e-mail a few days later notifying me that since I had not reciprocated with a returning link, they had removed me from their links page. My loss.