Monthly Archive for October, 2004

The Drought Nears its End

Our stove top has been busted for the last 2 months and our landlord and a contracter have finally agreed upon the work and will probably start the replacement this weekend. Its been rather infuriating to only have 1 intermitently working small coil burner for 2 months.

Next beer in the works is a brown ale. Its fall, yo. I’m thinking of sharing the yeast cake with a Porter afterwords too.

Grant's Brew Pub Closes

The Grant’s era ended somewhere between Bert’s death and the introduction of Mandarin Hefeweisen, but the closing of its brew pub probably provides the best symbolism. Yakima Brewing and Malting failed to meet its financial obligations, and is being evicted from the lovely railroad depot.

Despite the shame of the closure itself, the loss of a 22 year old institution to downtown Yakima is another tragedy. What’s left?

B to the E

Anheuser-Busch has announced a new beer-like beverage that is an “infusion” of beer, guarano, berry aroma, ginseng, and caffeine.

“It’s indicative of how seriously Anheuser-Busch is taking this challenge from the liquor folks … who are growing faster than beer,” said Eric Shepard, executive editor of industry newsletter Beer Marketer’s Insights”

Seems more to me that its more indicative of AB’s ongoing mission to dilute beer to an unrecognizable consumable. CAMRA, the campaign for Real Ales is also combatting the rise of red bull & vodka style drinks, but its doing so through education rather than self-mutilation.

If the lawyers of Budvar/Czechvar are reading this – please use Be as further evidence that Anheuser-Busch doesn’t deserve the Budweiser name.