Monthly Archive for February, 2005

Taste of Bitter, Taste of Stout

Today I kegged the Stout. It was in secondary for 2 weeks because I’m in no hurry to drink it. Regardless, I decided it could age further while carbonated and chilled – safe from evil spirits. The sample I took to take the final gravity (only 1.018 – a little high, but expected considering all the grain) provided an ample preview of things to come. Its delicious, and the best comparison I can think of for friends is pikof and dropof from Hales. Its dark, chocolately and smooth. But not imperial.

The bitter is quite nice too. Authentic in flavor with a slightly hard water dryness to it. Mild in hop and flavor but a great session beer. On tap now.

ASB kegged, Stout in secondary

Yesterday I kegged the Bitter and it’s really quite spot on for flavor and bitterness – even a bit of the fruity affects that make a good British pint good. The final number: 1.012! We’ll see how it carbonates though. I’m trying out a new kegging stone that is supposed to more easily diffuse CO2 into solution. Here’s hoping.

The stout on the other hand is probably more chocolate than I’ve ever done before. Its quite nice right after primary but is only at 1.020, so its got some room to drop. Luckily there was a bit of activity at the airlock last night so maybe its working on those sugars some more.