Willamette Week polls

Willamette Week is running a poll on the “best of” in Portland. I’m surprised at how little I recognize in some of the categories. I’m also stalled out trying to decide on question 69:

69) Best Local Brewery

Other (please specify)

Really – how do you choose?

Dogfish Head at the Blue Monk

Last night Michelle and I attended the Dogfish Head dinner at The Blue Monk. The event paired Dogfish Head beers with 4 dishes that also included beer as an ingredient. 90 Minute IPA onion soup, Aprihop spinach salad, Spare ribs with brown ale BBQ sauce and Chicory stout brownie & ice cream. The food and beers were excellent, and the brewer was also there pitching his book and his beers. He shared a little of Dogfish’s history and explained how they had hoped to create unique and significant beers with a regional individuality. Which they’ve done quite well.

As a surprise, everyone got a sample of the World Wide Stout after desert. It was awesome. We didn’t stay for the show after though, being full and exhausted. Maybe next time.

Mash Tun Brew Pub

On a tip from a fellow BA, I checked out a “soon to open” brewpub on Alberta called the Mash Tun. True to word, it was indeed under construction, and the copper kettles were in place (though not functional yet). Someone had taped up a menu and beer list, and it got me excited. The beer list included a full gamut of styles; some with great names like “Watership Brown” and “Kilgore Stout.” Sweet. I’ll just have to hammer out the details of their Alberta Pale Ale.

Alberta Arts Pale Ale

AAPA is all tapped out. It happend much too soon. Seriously. It happened just after we got back from dinner with a bunch of friends visiting. So Michelle and Jason had to go on a beer run after most shops had closed.

Alberta Arts Pale Ale a success

Alberta Arts Pale Ale was tapped to a rousing chorus of good reviews. Some were even rave reviews. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, and I like the flavors from the simcoe hops.

Terminal Gravity: 1.011