Celebrating Oregon beer week

Unlike many states, we in Oregon are blessed with an abundance of great beers and breweries. And unlike many states, we drink those beers (11% of all beer sales in Oregon are of beers brewed in Oregon). Lastly, unlike most states, we now have an official Oregon Beer Week.

The Oregon Brewers Festival starts tomorrow, then there’s the On the Edge tour, and a double IPA festival at the Rose & Raindrop on Saturday.

Get thee to a brewery.

Mash Tun murmuring

Barley and I walked by the soon to open Mash Tun brewpub on NE 22nd this past weekend and noticed some workers inside. I inquired about a possible opening date with what turned out to be the owner/brewer. He said they’re hoping for an opening within 3-4 weeks though the brewery won’t be operational just yet. They’ll also have a dog friendly patio. Sweet.

Brew Teacher marries

This past weekend I attended the wedding of the guy who taught me to brew. I met Darren my freshman year of college while living in the dorms. One afternoon I found him in the community kitchen stirring what had to be the darkest bowl of malt-o-meal I’d ever seen, but it smelled terrific. I pestered him with questions and was able to help a little. The next time he brewed I was there start to finish, and sampled the results at a small party where he’d kegged the beer in those little 5 liter canisters. The beer was a little hot, and I remember riding back home that night actively developing a hangover. Still, it was a blast and 3 years later my girlfriend (now wife) got me a kit.

Sadly, I forgot to bring a bottle of my Yakistan Imperial IPA in the rush to get to the airport. Next time…


Given the legality and potential physical consequences, I have no interest in trying to distill, but it really doesn’t look that hard:

Making Moonshine

The ingredient list looks horrible though.

Oregon Beers by Streetcar

I’ve put together a map of beer bars and brewpubs in downtown Portland that are accessible by streetcar. The brewpubs and beer bars were selected based on BeerAdvocate.com’s Beerfly guide (of which I’m a local guide), which only includes brewpubs or bars that focus on craft beers.

The map data comes from the metro-region’s RLIS data, tri-met’s route maps, and beeradvocate.com.

What better time to release it than American Beer Month 2005? And with the Oregon Brewers Festival (OBF) coming up, I’m hoping some out-of-towners might find it useful.

Anyway, here’s the map. Let me know if you have any comments or notice any glaring omissions.

Portland Beer Bars and Brewpubs via Streetcar

AB – the ugly America brewer

Anheiser-Busch has decided to play the isolationist card in it’s recent advertising campaign. The new campaign includes allegations that the other major brewers (SABMiller and Molson-Coors) are foreigners and that when you buy their beer, the money is going overseas. These allegations are followed by a warm reminder that AB’s interests abroad are bringing money from overseas back to the U.S. Evidently AB is taking it’s marketing cues from the White House.