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Tasting Beervana

Today I gave a presentation to the Consortium of College and University Media Center’s annual conference titled Tasting Beervana. It was a larger group than I expected (maybe 250+ people), and while I expected to be a stuttering mess I quickly found my pace because, after all, it was about beer.

The presentation was to share about Portland’s rich brewing history and encourage them to get out and try some of it. I started by explaining the concept of Beervana, gave a brief history of brewing in Portland and the Northwest, the craft brewing movement and the flourish of artisan and beer destinations, and finally my streetcar/brewpub map which my boss placed on the “things to do” list for the conference. To finish, I mentioned a sign up sheet for 10 folks for a tour I would lead on the streetcar route. I looked up to laughter as a few people darted for the sign-up sheet.

Afterwards I got a few compliments about the presentation and I felt like it went well – I didn’t notice any frowns in the crowd, only smiles, and they were a captive audience. The list filled up quickly too. By the time I had made it out of the room, I was informed that it was full, and was surprised to find several inquisitive beer lovers with questions. One of them was my former boss from when I was in school. Bizarre.

Here’s a copy of the ppt. Not that interesting and lazily referenced.

Yakima Brewing and Malting – Goodbye

Ned sent me a beermail yesterday asking if I’d heard about the closure at Grant’s. I was startled and poured over Google’s news page, the Herald Republic, the Seattle Times, and Real Beer and couldn’t find anything and was curious if it was just a rumor. I went to sleep thinking things were still alright.

Today however, courtesy of the Brew Crew listserve, I got a link to the actual Cease and Desist order from the State Securities office. It seems that the brewery was bought by a couple scofflaws who issued bad stock and misrepresented their potential value.

Oddly enough, just 3 weeks ago we were having a beer at Bob’s Keg & Cork in Yakima and reminiscing with Bob, the proprietor. We talked about the glory days of Grants, the ground-breaking beer, the vision, the social outlet and legacy which all seems to have wavered in the last couple years. I know I’ve been hard on the Mandarin Hefe, but I think it is the official beer of the downfall of one of the greatest brewing legacies. Not to mention moving from the train station. I know they didn’t have money, but still. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

So while I consider this a small tragedy, it was by no means unexpected. Goodbye fair Scottish, I’ll miss you cask Imperial Stout and Perfect Porter, a bitter farewell to the first truly hoptacular IPA.

Guest On Tap

The Portland Tribune, the other paper in Portland has just added a weekly column called Guest on Tap. This is a great idea and will hopefully draw more interest to the region’s amazing beer and brewing culture and Tribune readership. If not, it’ll at least be the kind of celebration that many of us enjoy. Congrats to Lisa Morrison on the maiden voyage. Keep up the good work!