10oz of flavor

Budweiser still cans its beers in 10oz volumes for some small markets like Southern Maryland. It’s apparently quite an old tradition, and locals claim that it tastes better, stays colder, and fits better in the hand. As far as I can tell, (and physics dictates) only the feeling of the can could possibly be different than the beer served in a 12oz can.

This pairs nicely with Budweiser’s claims about the aluminum bottle, and Miller & Coors’ plastic bottles. Each claim that the container preserves the coldness of the beverage longer, or that their beer tastes colder. The beer is so underwhelming that they have all resorted in changing packaging and lying about what the packaging does.

It may be just me, but why does plastic seem like the only container less classy than aluminum? And who goes to a bar to order a can of beer?

Kid Friendly Brewpubs in Portland

A question about family-friendly brewpubs came across the Brew Crew list yesterday and it got me thinking. Not only does Portland have a dearth of non-smoking pubs, there are even quite a few that provide kids with thirsty parents a place to hang out. Not yet a parent, there are a few questions I have about the thin line that separates a normal pub from a kid or family friendly one, but I think there has got to be a few basic ground rules.

  1. No Smoking
  2. Kid friendly menu (i.e. grilled cheese, corn dogs, etc. )
  3. visual stimulation (be it art, knick-nackery, motion in the brewery, the street..)
  4. A tolerant clientele

There would be bonuses for things like coloring books, paper tablecloths you could draw on, dirty Legos, or other games, but I think the first four are the most important. From these, I’d say the following places (in my experience) fit the bill.

  • Laurelwood Brew Pub
  • New Old Lompoc 5th Quadrant
  • McMenamins’ (Kennedy School, Hillsdale Brew Pub, Barley Mill, John Barleycorn)
  • Laurelwood NW
  • Lucky Lab Public House (on Capitol Hwy)
  • Roots
  • Raccoon Lodge
  • BJ’s at Jantzen Beach

This list isn’t exhaustive, so let me know if you think I’m missing some, or if you have any personal contention with one of the listed. There are a couple places that may be family friendly, but aren’t quite list worthy (maybe to their preference).