Monthly Archive for September, 2006

Drinking with BAs

Some enterprising BeerAdvocate members put together a Portland meet up this last Saturday starting at Concordia Ale House, then moving to a fellow member’s beer mecca. I joined briefly at Concordia to meet some of the other BAs from the community (and have some delicious beer) and had a good time. It was interesting to see the degree to which many BAs agree on some beers, and disagree on others.

There was some confusion over the tab, which happens with large groups. I think I dropped $12 on 2 pints of local craft. 90% tip! woohoo!


A friend confided:

“It’s intimidating bringing beer to the Freed household.”

It need not be. I like all kinds of beer. If you check my fridge now, you’ll find Hamms, homebrew, and a bottle of Alesmith Decadence.