Monthly Archive for May, 2007

In the cellar

Time has been short lately and with the prospect of moving, I scrounged in to my cellar and chilled an Imperial IPA that I brewed many moons ago. It was the last of the Yakistan Imperial IPAs. I’m pleased to say that:

  • Whoa!
  • There’s not much hopiness left, but…
  • damn.
  • the beer exhibits all the qualities I enjoy in a robust IIPIA – bitter, warm, malty, and, for lack of a better word, robusto.

You have to roll your R’s when you say that though. Really, I’m quite impressed with how it aged. Enough sugar, enough time, and I assume, the perfect cellaring conditions. Thank god we don’t have to move them though.


I racked the pilsner that Joe & I brewed to the lagering vessel tonight. To avoid oxidization, I filled the carboy with CO2 first, then pushed the beer from secondary to the lagering carboy using CO2 as well. Seemed to work alright, though it’s sad to see only 4 gallons of the initial 5 make it this far. Maybe if I had dry hopped it in primary instead of secondary, we’d have both a clearer beer and a tad more available for labor day.

So I guess the lesson I learned from this batch was not to dry hop a lager with loose leaf hops. Pellets would have at least settled out.

Luckily, the beer tasted nice and had a nice color, though the turbidity was a little high. Hopefully a month or so lagering will solve some of that.

On the home front, we’ll be moving to NoPo to a place that has both an ideal garage and an ideal basement for brewing. Just have to choose. Given the lack of good pubs in the area, I may need to brew more.


Last time I was up north in Bellingham, I picked up a few bottles of the local IPAs and splurged on a bottle of Pike’s Old Bawdy 2006 (a barleywine). Last night I cracked the bottle open, poured it in to a glass, took a tiny sip, then set it behind me, out of range of my daughter’s grabby hands. A few seconds later, while filming her new mobility, I backed up and knocked the whole glass over. You can even tell the precise moment because you can hear me say start to curse, but stop myself in the film.

There was another tiny sip left in the glass, but it was otherwise a tragedy. Barley (the dog) spent the next several minutes licking the site of the spill (after we toweled it up), so I suppose it wasn’t a loss for everyone.