Monthly Archive for July, 2007

OBF 2007

Not much to report from OBF this year. I only made it to one day and I have 10 tokens left. My plan to attend part of the day on Thursday was foiled by coworkers all being gone, so I was limited to Saturday. I had a great time though. My family and a group of friends from college came in to town and we all headed down before noon on Saturday (I love you Max) and set up a base camp with the pack-n-play. Allowed for folks to wander back and forth between the beers, food, and always have a place to relax.

Beer-wise, I wasn’t as impressed with this year’s spread. I think my favorite was yet again Pliny the Elder, and there were several other great beers, but I didn’t go crazy trying to sample all the beers I wanted this year. I think there were actually more beers that I was disapointed by for a change. One in particular, the Boundary Bay Galena single-hop seemed like it could be excellent. Galenas have a wonderful spicy aroma and a strong bittering characteristic, but the beer was just a little too simple. Nice smell and initial taste, but it had no follow up, and my mouth was left wondering who had put out the flavor. Noggin’ Grog was similar. I was told it wasn’t much good by a friend, but thought he might have just been talking down the competition. Nope – it was strangely bad.

I was quite pleased to be able to take my daughter for her first OBF. It was looking like it would be a no-minors event for the first time in 20 years, but luckily prudence prevailed, and families were able to enjoy the event together. I did not get an orange “I am a minor” sticker for Ella though, which was a mild disappointment, and she had very little interest in taking a nap in the chaos. Lesson for next year though – babies need rest if you want them to be happy.

Now, what to do with the additional mugs? At least the tokens are reusable next year.

An eye on krausen

Ran across this lovely time-lapse video of primary fermentation of a stout. It looks like the camera must’ve been just outside the carboy.

Keg thief

After reading about and hearing about all the larceny related to scrap metals, I shouldn’t be surprised when my Nugget hop planted in an old beer keg was stolen from our driveway during the move. Yup, it’s missing, and while that’s common during a move, it’s rare to misplace a 7.75 gallon keg with a hop plant in it.

I can’t complain though – it was probably technically still some breweries property. I pulled it out of a recycling bin and converted it to a planter before I was fully aware of the stigma attached to keg thievery.

Joke is on the thief though – I’d trimmed the plant back to the point where it wouldn’t produce this year.

Ajono – Millet Brew

Stumbled upon this BBC story on the rise of Ajono home brew in Uganda. Seems like the innovation of using multiple straws (for sanitary purposes) has revived the beverage, and the social gathering that it’s consumption requires.

It looks kind of lumpy. I can’t tell, but it looks like the mash is still present, which may be why the straws are required.

Happy Craft Beer Month

Almost forgot to wish everyone (even non-Oregonians) a happy Craft Beer Month. July in Portland rocks.