Monthly Archive for June, 2010

Beer Stimulus Bill

There’s some proposed legislation dubbed the “beer stimulus bill” would give tax breaks to craft breweries. This is a boutique bill, but the economic ramifications are very real to Oregon brewers. Linds pointed me towards a Eugene TV report on the matter that features my buddy Joe raking spent grain out of a mash tun.

Analysis of hop pellet glumpiness

Hop Merchant Indie Hops has a blog posting about a recent pellet evaluation by Chad Kennedy of Laurelwood. It’s more of a press release about how awesome their pellets are, but it’s still an interesting read.

Hopefully all hop processers take note of Chad’s quote:

The gold standard for dry hopping is the whole cone..

In this brewer’s opinion, whole cones are also the gold standard for not being a pain in the ass to clean out of your gear.