Late Entrant to Battle of the Beers

I’ve already missed most of’s Battle of the Beers, but i was able to vote for Rogue’s Brutal Bitter today, pitting a classic Rogue ale against Grant’s upstart financial savoir Mandarin Hefe.

If you’ve got time, cast a vote to your fave, and maybe have one too. I wish I’d remembered the contest. I always seem to pick the loosers.

4 Responses to “Late Entrant to Battle of the Beers”

  • To bad the Brutal Bitter and Mandarin Hefe tied 50/50. BS if you ask me. I love Grant’s brews, but this Hefe was definately not made in the Grant style. The Brutal Bitter on the other hand is one of the best bitters out there and it should have beat the Hefe hands down

  • I have a feeling Dreadnaught might take it all….mmmm dreadnaught

  • It would be hard to argue with Dreadnaught. Oddly enough, 3 of the last 4 beers are big IPAs (almost all 4!) I have no problems with that, and All the final 4 beers are saliva machines.

    However, because its a local and one of the best beers ever, my vote will go for Brutal Bitter.

  • I found that if you clear out your cookies and change your browser settings to reject all cookies, you can stuff the ballots. I tried this breifly before feeling dirty. The results of my less-than-noble activities was a .3% change in score for a beer that was already 35% behind.

    Stupid East Coast beers.

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