Govt. Like a Brewery?

Denver Post Columnist Al Lewis thinks government should be run like a brewery. A quick read of his column doesn’t actually include any reasons that have any merit, so I suppose we can assume that Al is a Coors man.

The breweries that are successful, like Coors, end up that way from years of making compromises, most of which result in a crappy product. The columnist attributes Coors’ shaking its white-trash image to Peter, who has brought some class back to the brewery by changing its sales tactics. Now they objectify women in their advertisements. Wait a second….

He also points out that Coors should provide stable leadership because its hard to be a megalomaniac while sipping a brewski. I guess sipping a brewski only leads to cool problems, like pollution, union busting, racism, rape, domestic violence and crappy beer.

We all are aware that many of the founding fathers were ale drinkers. However, they didn’t brew themselves. Usually it was the women in their lives that brewed, on only smaller batches, and only ale, not sub-lager. I’m not buying the connection.

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  • Speaking of Coors, I saw this article on the news today and find it so rediculious that it must be brought to attention. A woman is suing the Coors brewing company because her son drank coors and then drove into a light pole and killed himself.,2933,117447,00.html

    They better not give her a penny.

  • “The columnist attributes Coors’ shaking its white-trash image to Peter, who has brought some class back to the brewery by changing its sales tactics.”

    Brought more class? Really? So football ads with a bunch of half naked chicks or ads with people going out to the clubs and getting trashed right before the have a one night stand is more classy? Really? Wow…

  • I posted a comment over at BA that went something exactly like this. It was in response to the lameness of the suit, and the danger it could signal for other brewers.

    he reason for this lawsuit is absurd, but the wording of the suit brings up an interesting point. Coors does advertise to the psyche of a 13-40 year old male, and really, the only thing they have going for them is image. You express concern that if this even makes it to the jury, all brewers should start to worry. I’m not so sure this is the case, because much of the craft brewing industry depends on the quality and notability of product to sell it.

    Coors sells an image that is backed up with a “beer” so uninteresting and non-offensive that the image is all you taste. Plus, you can get your drunk on after a six-pack or two. I’m not saying the quality and consistency of Coor’s product is bad – quite the opposite – its admirably predictable. But in my opinion, its hardly a product that singles itself out as unique. Which is why its all about the image, where its displayed, and who it is displayed too.

    But you’re right, this is an absurd suit, and will hopefully get thrown out. Coors didn’t make her unlicensed son drink the beer then insist on driving home. The kid did it himself.

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