Light Beers to Surpass Normal Beer sales


Drinkers of beers including Bud Light, Miller Lite and Coors Light consumed an average 5.7 beers in the past month, while consumers of regular beer drank five beers, Mintel reported.

Why do they drink more? My personal feeling is that light beer is completely unsatisfying (for starters). Light beer drinkers need to drink more to attain contentment. With less flavor, body and alcohol, you’re paying the same for less product and satisfaction.

I suppose you could argue that because the beer is “light”, you can justify drinking more of it. But by the time you’ve reached that point, you’ve consumed nearly the same number of calories.

Being a fan of ales, the calorie content isn’t the concern. Beer is part of a meal, and should be treated as such. Hell, Monks drank it instead of food during lent. (Nothing beats using Hell, Monks, and Lent in the same sentance)

So, to all the light beer drinkers out there, there’s nothing wrong with beer. Give it some consideration, drink it in moderation, a stop supporting these idiotic companies.

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