OBF 2004 Notes sheet

Because I’m a big nerd who likes to keep notes on the beer that I consume, I’ve put together a small cheat sheet with all the beers being served at OBF this year. There are two formats available. A plain sheet, and my own sheet on which I’ve marked which beers I want to try. Its not that I expect the other beers to suck or anything, but I’ve identified those I want to try the most.

OBF Brewer Notes

Andy’s OBF Brewer Notes

1 Response to “OBF 2004 Notes sheet”

  • I would have to say you have chosen wisely, I may just have to print your list out, considering they are identical to what I want to try, except I can’t understand why you don’t want to try Grants Madarin Hefeweizen or the Alaskan Pale Ale? hahaha, why can’t these breweries (as well as others) bring their good stuff or beers that I can’t try by just going to Fred Meyer?

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