Molson, Coors Merge

molson coors merger

In another massive beer manufacturing copulation, Molson and Coors have announced a merger.

“The new Molson Coors Brewing Company, created from Canada’s largest brewer and the third biggest in the United States, would be the fifth biggest brewer in the world by volume of beer sold.” – from CBC

Damn you Molson! The people at Coors have spent decades and millions trying to make the world less like Canada. And they’ve spent nearly a century selling crappy beer with women. And polluting Colorado.

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  • you know I actually liked some of the stuff that molson makes (personally I would take a canadian lager over an americal lager anyday, well except PBR or Hamms). But come on, Coors sucks and we all know it. Why Molson Why?

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