Beer tasting in Manland

Saturday was possibly the last beer tasting in Manland, and was a great time with excellent beer and terrific company. The final beer list was as follows:

  1. Schell’s Pale Ale, Minnesota
  2. Tyranena Bitter Woman IPA, Wisconsin
  3. Rapscallion Blessing, Massachusetts
  4. Smuttynose IPA, New Hampshire
  5. Fantome BBBrr
  6. Long Trail Double Bag, Vermont
  7. LaConner Dry Hopped IPA
  8. Southampton Old Herb Barleywine, New York
  9. Allagash FOUR
  10. Thomas Hardy 1990, England
  11. OId Dominion Oak Barrel Stout
  12. Dogfish Head Olde School, Delaware
  13. JW Lee’s Harvest Ale 2002, England
  14. JW Lee’s Harvest Ale 2001, England
  15. JW Lee’s Harvest Ale 2000, England
  16. JW Lee’s Harvest Ale 1999, England
  17. JW Lee’s Harvest Ale 1998, England
  18. Traquier House Ale ’91
  19. Fuller’s Vintage Ale, England
  20. Three Floyd’s Dreadnaught, Indiana
  21. Weyerbacher Old Heathen Imperial Stout, Pennsylvania

I was only around for the first ten or so, but it was everything you’d want a tasting to be. I’ll be linking to my reviews in the list as I get them posted.

Thanks again to the host, Weefisheads aka David Bradley.

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