The Drought Nears its End

Our stove top has been busted for the last 2 months and our landlord and a contracter have finally agreed upon the work and will probably start the replacement this weekend. Its been rather infuriating to only have 1 intermitently working small coil burner for 2 months.

Next beer in the works is a brown ale. Its fall, yo. I’m thinking of sharing the yeast cake with a Porter afterwords too.

3 Responses to “The Drought Nears its End”

  • Are they replacing the coil or the whole stove — I ask cause they say those smooth top stoves don’t work for canning, so I assume not for hb either.

  • Tell them you want a gas stove. oh how sweet that would be.

  • The smooth-tops are too expensive for a rental. Michelle wanted one because they’re easy to clean.

    Gas would be cool, but the owner didn’t have any interest in that. Somday thought….

    Last year I almost bought a kitchen aid gas stovetop from the Rebuilding Center for $75 until I realized how expensive it would be to connect. Shame though – it was awesome.

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