Bridgeport closing for 10 months

It appears that Bridgeport’s brew pub will be closing for 10 months for renovation. Holy crap that’s a long time to go without cask IPA, Caesar salad and roasted garlic pizza.

“The project calls for major changes, including the creation of an on-site bakery, with freshly prepared breakfast pastries, espresso drinks and express lunch service. The bakery will act as the daily wholesaler for all of the breads, rolls and pastries offered at the pub and its sister restaurant, the BridgePort Ale House on Hawthorne Boulevard.”

Pastries and espresso? I figured they were making it bigger because its crowded with newbies lately, and the new wait to be seated model sucks. At least they’re adding a rooftop bar. Should I be worried about that? They had a Streetcar Saison to mark the introduction of the streetcars, an Rope-themed amber to celebrate their residence in an old rope factory, but will they create a Rooftop Brew to celebrate the new bar? I’d better speak to my wife lawyer.

2 Responses to “Bridgeport closing for 10 months”

  • What the Heck? I liked BP just the way it is (pre Streetcar and Ropewalk), why all the changes? And really who eats pastries or espresso with beer? Maybe it’ll be cool, but it just seems that since Clearchannel took over for advertising they have been growing at a tremendous rate….which is fine, I want them to be successful, but they better not change their beer recipes to save money or whatever; like so many other breweries did once going “big” (i.e. Redhook, Deshutes).

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