Vegetarian Beer

Not content with blissful ignorance about beer’s origins, Geraint Bevan has started a list of beers he knows to be vegetarian, or in some cases, vegan friendly.

What? Aren’t all beers vegetarian? Well, no. Some animal byproducts such as isinglass are used for clarity. Isinglass is a derivative of gelatin, a protein most often collected from pig or cattle hide or bone. In beer, most isinglass comes from fish swim bladders. As such, they aren’t fit for vegetarians.

An alternative to isinglass is Irish moss, which is dried seaweed. It seems a no-brainer, but there are probably reasons people prefer to use isinglass, including custom.

When I brew, I use Irish moss, so my veggie friends need not worry. Even that beer that ended up tasting like over-salted pork contained no animal products. It was just an overdose of sanitizing solution.

thanks to Al for the link.

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