Expat Returns

Tuesday night I met with Rich aka GreenCard, aka Project: Expatriated for a couple beers at my local. He’s been living in England for the last few months, and in Belgium for the year before that.

Beerwise and otherwise, it sounds like he enjoyed Belgium quite a bit more. Considering his stories of visiting farmhouse style breweries in the countryside, its hard not to. The beucolic scene of this old country brewing is really enchanting, not to mention the unique contribution it makes to the beer world.

We swapped some homebrew, including a barleywine that he brewed before moving to Belgium that has been aging all the while. I cracked one and it was delicious. Flavors of port, raisin and even orange peel mixed with the slightly spicey and generous body for a really excellent effect. I doubt the IPA I gave him will be nearly as good.

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  • I spent 2 nights in Belgium and loved it — it’s france without attitude. or something like that. (I don’t really think France has ‘tude.)

    Hawaiian beer seems to suck so far.

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