Indicative of IPA

indica IPA
Lost Coast Brewery is being sued on behalf of hindus everywhere for its portrayal of Ganesh on the label of it’s Indica India Pale Ale. The label show’s Ganesh, remover of obstacles (bottle caps?), holding a beer in one of his many hands and a beer in his trunk.

Lost Coast is willing to change the label, but the lawyer bringing the suit is going to continue to seek grievances to the tune of 1 billion dollars. Grievances against people who didn’t even know the beer existed. Um…. I hope he doesn’t go after breweries everywhere asking for grievances from the term India Pale Ale – as it was the drink of choice for the Raj during Britain’s tenure there.

2 Responses to “Indicative of IPA”

  • I just bought 2 of these beers BECAUSE of the label. And things are going well for me. Once again, Ganesha is the remover of obstacles. The suit will be dismissed; He likes an IPA like any other deity.

  • stupid lawyers (no offense Michelle)… word: Re-Tar-Ded!

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