Brew Teacher marries

This past weekend I attended the wedding of the guy who taught me to brew. I met Darren my freshman year of college while living in the dorms. One afternoon I found him in the community kitchen stirring what had to be the darkest bowl of malt-o-meal I’d ever seen, but it smelled terrific. I pestered him with questions and was able to help a little. The next time he brewed I was there start to finish, and sampled the results at a small party where he’d kegged the beer in those little 5 liter canisters. The beer was a little hot, and I remember riding back home that night actively developing a hangover. Still, it was a blast and 3 years later my girlfriend (now wife) got me a kit.

Sadly, I forgot to bring a bottle of my Yakistan Imperial IPA in the rush to get to the airport. Next time…

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