South Salt Lake bans home brewing

This is dumb. The mayor of South Salt Lake City is going to ban home brewing in his city. Why?

“I don’t care what people do in their own homes as long as it doesn’t spill out into the public,” Mayor Wes Losser said. “But if there were problems related to home-brewing, such as people going blind or a small riot breaking out, we have to think in extremes to cover all the bases.”

It isn’t home brew that causes blindness – it’s when you try to distill at home and can’t separate the methanol from the ethanol. The methanol is what make you go blind, or retarded, or dead.

This is one of those cases where someone has a misguided agenda based on some really crappy (and wrong) reasons. If the mayor is going to outlaw home brewing, don’t hide behind the “what you do in your own homes” pretense – just say it – you’re ignorant and want to further control the people in your city.

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