Oregon Cask Ale Festival – Oct 28,29,30

The Rose & Raindrop and Horse Brass Pubs will be hosting a cask ale festival this October 28th, 29th, and 30th as a fundraiser for brewers displaced by Katrina. There will be at least 20 regional beers on cask at the two venues and the selection will rotate nightly so you’ll have to move around to try it all. I think I speak for everyone myself when I say that Cask Ale is how God Himself drinks his beer. If you’ve not tried beer on cask (with the big hand pulls), you’re missing out. The flavors and body can be more subtle, but the conditioning in the cask and the hand pull really make for the best kind of living beer experience.

There are only a few places in town that have cask offerings (relative to the huge variety of overall offerings in town) including both Bridgeports, Rose & Raindrop, Horse Brass, Full Sail Riverside and maybe moon & sixpence. Other places have a beer engine, but they don’t consistently have something on.

3 Responses to “Oregon Cask Ale Festival – Oct 28,29,30”

  • yes I am actually going to be home for this!!!!! We should go one night!

  • I wonder if that weekend is national cask beer festival day. Seattle’s is that weekend. Sounds like you buy 35 dollar general admission tickets, get a glass, and I assume all the tastes you can down. Torn between that and KRS in bellingham. I suppose I could do both.

    I need to check out this site more often. It makes me feel guilty about not brewing.

  • I have been to the cask beer fest in Seattle a couple of times now, and do not think it would be worth the money if there are local pubs pulling the same weekend. At the Washington event, you pays your money and gets a handful of tickets. You can’t taste everything with the number of tickets you are given unless you have like four poeple and are sharing. But there are more than 30 beers and they are pulling half glasses. When I went there was no food available at all. Plus, it’s a timed event, like 4 hours, so to leave and come back is not a great idea. If you do go to Seattle, try the ‘new’ Brouwer’s Cafe (from the guys who run Bottleworks) and post how it is.

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