Cask Festival Roundup

While I had a much smaller sampling that I’d hoped (I ended up helping 3 friends move this weekend and the cat got sick) I did manage to try 4 different cask ales. All were great and the perfect compliment to laborious work.

New Old Lompoc’s Monster Mash was smooth and excellent while Pelican’s Imperial Pelican Ale was surprisingly bright and hoppy for an imperial and since it was on firkin, I’m going to guess that it was dry hopped in the cask. I also had Mt. Hood’s Old Battleaxe 2004 barley wine which was very nice, but it wasn’t nearly as good as their oatmeal stout on cask.

Oddly enough, both tastings were held at smoking bars so the slightly more subtle aromas and flavors of the ales were even more difficult to pick out over the ambient air.

1 Response to “Cask Festival Roundup”

  • Had 3 myself on friday…
    Alameda Brewhouse: Holiday Ale
    Rockbottom Brewing: Olde Skool
    Steelhead Brewing: Heatmiser
    I’d have to say that the Alameda brew was my fav but the others were very good as well!

    Stephanie had the Walking ManIPA, which of course I tried. Very nice as well!

    All in all the beer was good but I agree the smoke gets overwhelming.

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