Kid Friendly Brewpubs in Portland

A question about family-friendly brewpubs came across the Brew Crew list yesterday and it got me thinking. Not only does Portland have a dearth of non-smoking pubs, there are even quite a few that provide kids with thirsty parents a place to hang out. Not yet a parent, there are a few questions I have about the thin line that separates a normal pub from a kid or family friendly one, but I think there has got to be a few basic ground rules.

  1. No Smoking
  2. Kid friendly menu (i.e. grilled cheese, corn dogs, etc. )
  3. visual stimulation (be it art, knick-nackery, motion in the brewery, the street..)
  4. A tolerant clientele

There would be bonuses for things like coloring books, paper tablecloths you could draw on, dirty Legos, or other games, but I think the first four are the most important. From these, I’d say the following places (in my experience) fit the bill.

  • Laurelwood Brew Pub
  • New Old Lompoc 5th Quadrant
  • McMenamins’ (Kennedy School, Hillsdale Brew Pub, Barley Mill, John Barleycorn)
  • Laurelwood NW
  • Lucky Lab Public House (on Capitol Hwy)
  • Roots
  • Raccoon Lodge
  • BJ’s at Jantzen Beach

This list isn’t exhaustive, so let me know if you think I’m missing some, or if you have any personal contention with one of the listed. There are a couple places that may be family friendly, but aren’t quite list worthy (maybe to their preference).

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  • What about Rogue, Widmer, or Bridgeport (both the Hawthorne and Pearl pubs). They may not have the same visual stimulation but they have 3 of the four requirements. Oh and there is also the Old Market Pub and Alameda.

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