10oz of flavor

Budweiser still cans its beers in 10oz volumes for some small markets like Southern Maryland. It’s apparently quite an old tradition, and locals claim that it tastes better, stays colder, and fits better in the hand. As far as I can tell, (and physics dictates) only the feeling of the can could possibly be different than the beer served in a 12oz can.

This pairs nicely with Budweiser’s claims about the aluminum bottle, and Miller & Coors’ plastic bottles. Each claim that the container preserves the coldness of the beverage longer, or that their beer tastes colder. The beer is so underwhelming that they have all resorted in changing packaging and lying about what the packaging does.

It may be just me, but why does plastic seem like the only container less classy than aluminum? And who goes to a bar to order a can of beer?

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  • I have a friend from Southern MD who has always professed to me how much better the Bud is in a 10oz can. I was always very skeptical, but he finally got me a case and it is a completely different beer! I took the first sip expecting to taste a regular bud and tell him he was full of it, but I couldn’t deny the difference. The beer is fuller with more of a malty taste than in the 12oz cans and it has none of the hop flavor present in a bottle. Like you I agree that it is physically impossible but It has left me wondering if budweiser actually puts a slightly different brew in these 10oz cans. They also make 8oz cans that have the same flavor.

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