Lagunitas Night

Joe, Lindsay, Tom and I walked over to Concordia Ale House last night to “meet the brewer” from Lagunitas Brewing. The place was packed, but there was no apparent gathering around a single person, so I asked the owner if he’d already left. Turns out, it was the owner who was playing guitar in the corner. Joe and I chatted him up a bit later and were both surprised at how affable he was. He shared some of his philosophy on ingredient selection, recipes and brewing and shared credit with his wife and brewers for the product.

He said that he had made the trip to truly impress a few people with Lagunitas in hopes that we’d share our impression with friends. Grass roots advertising. I told him about the impression his IPA had on a group of friends and I don’t think it was quite the kind of impression he meant. I still think he was pleased that we both agreed that his IPA is distinctive and delicious, but didn’t share his hop bill. One of the treats that apparently made the trip up with him was an eisbraun named B3k.

B3K was a twice-frozen brown ale that had matured since 2001 (5 year old beer!) to a marvelous 18%ABV with some really stellar flavors. I’ve read (from BYO, I think) that with an eisbeer, any imperfections in the beer are magnified because you’re reducing the dilution by water, so it is best not to freeze anything that isn’t near-perfect. The brewers apparently knew what they were doing with this batch because it had a great warm fruity brown taste and I became concerned that I might be in for more trouble than I’d expected.

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