Ambiorix moved to secondary

I moved Ambiorix to secondary this morning. The original gravity was disappointingly low at 1.058 (should have been 1.070) and I’m worried that it may not have been an accurate reading. The gravity this morning was already at 1.018, which is a decent place to be. This could be a darker, sweeter beer than I anticipated. The taste at this point was pleasant though – the yeast gives it some good fruity flavors and I’m hoping that secondary will allow some more settling and lightening.

This is my first time using a Belgian yeast strain and I have an unfounded fear that it would infect my other batches, so I cleaned the fermenter very thoroughly after racking to secondary. My fear comes from a cask stout I had at the Lucky Lab last year that was hot & estery and tasted like the machine hadn’t been cleaned well enough. I don’t want any residual yeast in my next batch since it’s for Michelle. She’s getting a custom IPA.

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