IPAnema tapped

I tapped IPAnema tonight to make sure I wasn’t serving ham-beer at my friend’s wedding tomorrow. I’m pleased to announce that it rocks. I’m glad I dropped the Simcoe hops into the keg – it gave it back a little of the floral, but not as much as I’d hoped for. Still – it’s good. Hopefully the 6% beverage doesn’t cause trouble.

2 Responses to “IPAnema tapped”

  • it was a very good beer!

  • Thanks, I was pleased. Friends all had compliments, but they have to 🙂 The coolest compliment was when a guy in the line for beer asked where he could pick some up.

    Joe had a great beer too – it was easily one of the better organic brews I’ve had. I’ll have to see how much organic extract is.

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