Scott's all grain dubbel

Sunday I “helped” Scott brew an all grain batch of a Belgian dubbel. I’ve never brewed all-grain before, and he’s only done it with the assistance of an experienced brewer, so it was uncharted territory. The wort came out around 1.075 and the taste and color seemed to be right now. Now it’s just a matter of waiting. Speaking of waiting – it takes a long time to do an all-grain batch.

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  • Actually I timed it and it only took us about 4-4.5 hours from start to finish which is how long it used to take me to do an extract brew until I got the process down. I think it’ll get faster with time and practice. It just seems slow cause of all the waiting around during mashing, sparging, boil, etc.

    Fermentation started up quite well as is going strong! I can’t wait to try it!

  • So how much longer from now until it’s done? What’s the expected ABV going to be? And how much better is this going to be than an extract brew?

    And who’s bringing some up north? There’s a baby up here to see, after all…..

  • Mmmmmm….beer.. How you doin’?

  • Well I transported it to secondary yesterday. It fermented out beautifully, in fact almost a little too much. The FG was 1.012 meaning the beer is at 8% ABV. I think next time I will need to mash it a a slightly higher temp to get some more residual sugar. when I tasted it yesterday, the alcohol was very noticable.

    Don’t know how much better than extract this one will be…but other than the alcohol taste it was really good! I just hope that over time the flavors blend a little, which it should.

    I’ll be up in Bham the weekend of Oct 28th and I’ll bring a couple bottles with me.

  • Halloween has been nothing but trouble in B’ham.

    That’s a big beer. Excellent sparging.

  • Racked the dubbell to 8 – 22 ozers and then kegged the rest. It actually fermented down a bit more to 1.010 SG, but the alcohol taste has settled leaving the beer with a great taste – litely spiced with lots of flavor, though its a little weak on the body as expected. Can’t wait to give it a taste once its done carbonating.

  • Cool. I’m excited to see the final product.

  • Sounds like a great beer. I wonder what a tripel would taste like before conditioning?

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