chip clip

I dropped a chip clip into a keg while siphoning my fresh hop beer. The clip was holding the racking cane and slipped off the tube, falling directly into the small mouth of the keg. The break in the foam was almost a perfect outline of the chip clip. I hope it doesn’t ruin the beer – it’s quite good.

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  • I hope it was sterilized? Actually thats quite funny, what are the odds?

  • I once dropped a digital timer (batteries included) into a boiling wort. It turned out fine, I even served it at a friends wedding (Don’t tell Carissa). The timer still works too.
    On the other hand, I cannot believe you are just now kegging your fresh hop beer. I bottled mine about 6 weeks ago, and it is so good that its almost gone.

  • The beer isn’t as good as it was before kegging. I’m blaming the chip clip. Tried to keep it low gravity for a nice session beer that highlighted the hops. That backfired.

  • How did your pumpkin beer turn out?

  • Thanks for the reminder.

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