Concordia Zoo

Concordia Ale House is still my favorite haunt, but damn are there a lot of kids there. The last couple times we’ve been (earlier than before Ella), there have been a number of 30ish parents with kinder in tow, and while it doesn’t bother me, it seems like it is changing the atmosphere of the place. Plus, it seems like it’s even more stressful for the wait-staff than your typical leering male clientele.

I’m being quite hypocritical myself – We’ve now taken Ella there a dozen times, but she’s quiet and may as well be a beer gut while she sleeps in the sling. That’s going to change though, and I hope we don’t ruin one of the best watering holes in Portland.

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  • You will. No offense.

    Yeah — there were lots of screamers last time I was there. A few suggestions: no highchairs and no kiddie menus. That’ll get rid of the little brats! I quit going to Laurelwood long ago, even though they try to segregate there. It’s like an amusement park!

    If I’m eating out, I like quiet. There are good parents who teach their kids to behave in public and there are shitty parents who let kids run and/or scream and/or kick booths and/or hit silverware against glass repeatedly. Not that I’ve thought about this much.

  • Take pity on the parents with kids in tow. They neeeeed to get out and relax with a good beer sometimes.

    I’m guessing you don’t have kids so I’ll also guess that you have no idea the trials and tribulations of parenting, even on the days when it’s “easy”.

    Take pity on us. We just need to get out and see other grownups and many times that means the kids come too, well-behaved or not.


  • that’s two very different opinions. Knowing Al, you’ll get no pity.

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