Holiday Ale Fest 2006

Joe, Lindsay, my dad and I stopped by the Holiday Ale Festival on Saturday afternoon, expecting to have outsmarted the crowds. Not quite. A 20 minute wait outside was the prelude to a 20 minute wait to get a beer. Many of the beers I wanted to try were “out until 5pm,” but there were plenty of other great, strong beers to be had.

After the first beer, we hung out in the northeast corner where warm air was being pumped in to the tent, and where two colliding lines created an people eddy and we were able to easily sample a few beers without much wait. After the equivalent of 3 and a half beers, we made our way back north thanks to the MAX and found our selves a bit… listless. Those were some strong beers.

One of my favorite things about the holidays and the beers is the great names for so many of the beers. Monk’s Uncle, Sled Crasher, Ho Ho Homo-Erectus, Blitzen, Taunen Baum, etc.

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