On the occasion of a really good beer

For my birthday this year, Scott gave me a bottle of St. Bernardus Abt 12, the 60th Anniversary recipe. I’ve been putting off having it until I could truly savor it, and had actually intended to share it with someone. Instead, I opened it last night to celebrate the completion of my fall term classes. While it was not the best choice to accompany tacos, the beer was fabulous.
My fridge runs a little cold, so when I got home, I placed the bottle in some warm water while I fed the animals, changed Ella’s diaper, and started dinner. Since I don’t have a proper tulip glass, I used a red wineglass and poured a bit to enjoy while making dinner. It was still a little cold, but exuded a horrifically rank aroma. But in the good way. A way that American brewers can’t quite recreate.

As the beer warmed, the taste and aroma improved even more – turbid funk, spicy, fruity malts, and warm alcoholic satisfaction. I’ve gotten a little tired of reviewing beers, so I’ll spare you (er, myself) the details – but it was an excellent beer. Well worth whatever Scott paid for it.

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  • Glad you liked it!!! Congrats on the term being over.

    Now go drink the dubbel I made and see how that compares….I mean doesn’t compare! HAHA

  • Didn’t you have tacos for breakfast?

  • Scott – your dubbel is great. It’s not fair to compare it to Abt 12 though.

    Alan. Yes. They were the very same tacos.

  • Thanks for the complement!

    After reading this yesterday I went home and opened up my Abt 12. Its just the standard Abt 12, not the SE, but I forgot how damn good that beer is! Wish it wasn’t so expensive.

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