All grain 70/-

3 tier system?
Scott brought over his new brew kettle and mash tun yesterday and we set up an ad-hoc 3-tier brewing system in my kitchen. We brewed a 10 gallon(ish) all-grain batch of Scottish 70 shilling. New equipment and new techniques slow things down a little, and this was not different. We did manage to brew the beer in just under 7 hours, though.

Scott modified a recipe we found on TasteyBrew for 10 gallons and for the hops we had on hand (I hate Northern Brewer… for no good reason) and I fired up a starter using Safale S-04. The sparge wen alright, though the wort gravity on the sparge was a little lower than expected. We deliberated and decided to stop a bit short of 10 gallons.

The boil went fairly well though there was a surprising amount of hot break, and the steam coming off the wort made it difficult to see the wort. Ultimately, we racked off around 8.5-9 gallons of beer with on O.G. of 1.036. While waiting for the boil we stood out in the cold, drank some brew, and discussed what techniques have improved our results the most and what challenges we want to take on next. Anyway, here’s the recipe.

Grain bill:

  • 15 lbs domestic 2-row
  • 1.0 lbs British Crystal 70/80L
  • 2.0 lbs German Munich
  • 0.5 lbs Roasted Barley


  • 1 oz Chinook @ 60 min. (12.2% aa)
  • 2 oz U.S. Fuggles @ 5 min. (3.4% aa)


  • Fermentis Safale S-04 dry yeast (with 1 liter starter)
  • Irish Moss

We joked about how much of the process is now second nature that we fail to include any instructions with our recipes. If you’re curious about the process, um… see a book or something.

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  • I just racked the scottish to secondary and the gravity was at 1.014 making the ABV 3.2% which is right on target. It tasted great and should be a nice session beer! We did a nice job, if I do say so myself.

  • I racked mine last night and the gravity was 1.008 and it was a little on the dry side. Still, nice flavor though.

  • yeah, I figured it would end up on the dry side with us having so many problems getting the mash temp up to 150. oh well, should still be good.

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