Concordia Ale House rumors

The Brewcrew list and Belmont Station blog have been alive with emotions regarding the supposed sale of Concordia Ale House. There are precious few details, but god I hope they’re wrong about Video Lottery, Television and consistent taps.

3 Responses to “Concordia Ale House rumors”

  • Our favorite waitress Tanya confirmed, but was equally uncertain about any changes. Mmm…. St. Bernardus Abt 12 on tap.

  • Well thats lame! And I second the Abt 12, though they need to serve it at a warmer temp.

  • I too hope the new owners seriously consider what made the place special before making any drastic changes. I’m supposed to talk to Brittany this afternoon, hopefully we can clear up some rumors and bring a little positive spin to the situation.

    BTW Scott: If they served the St. B 12 any warmer they’d have a hell of a time controlling the head. As is the case with most Belgians, it has to be kept and served from a keg at well below ideal drinking temp to avoid foam issues…

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