A Yakima Lament

Bert’s Fresh Hop Ale

Every time we head back to Yakima to visit family, I feel like I should put the growler in the car so I can pick up some Grant’s Ale on the way home. Then I remember that not only is Grant’s defunct, there are no breweries in Yakima. Hop Central. In the last few years, I’m not sure if my palette changed or the beer changed, but I never got tired of having the Perfect Porter or Imperial Stout on tap. This time of year, you could get the orginal Fresh Hop Ale as well. Delicious.

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  • I loved the Bert’s beer, especially the Fresh Hop Ale, and lament the loss of Bert and his brewery. I live in VA and had to depend on the packs that were available here from time to time.

    I plan on growing hops in my VA hard clay soil, or MD if I move there, and trying to recreate something like what Bert provided to us. He inspired me.

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