Fat Tire in Cans

I scoped this post on canned Fat Tire over at the Belmont Station Blog. I’m excited. I’ve really enjoyed Caldera’s IPA in cans, and remember Mac’s in cans fondly, but this might force me to break from my Oregon/Washington beer restrictions.

It’s hard to deny – there’s just something satisfying about drinking good beer from a can. My brain is confused every time I splurge on the Caldera IPA.

3 Responses to “Fat Tire in Cans”

  • The Rep from NB told us about these last night while at Fred’s Brewer’s night. I asked him why more breweries aren’t doing this because I think its a great idea. He mentioned that most breweries are afraid that if the beer is from a can most beer snobs won’t buy it, but is hopefully the trend will catch on.

  • I too love Caldera IPA from a can, but even if it’s in a can, it’s still fat tire. I think that Caldera broke the stigma and that the cost of canning equipment is what is holding back more brewers from doing this.

  • have you guys tried the Ten Fidy Imperial Stout in a can?

    I’ve been meaning to try it but drinking from a can is something I usually enjoy while sitting in the backyard or at a campsite in the summer…not the optimal time to be drinking imperial stout.

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