Concordia Cup 2008

Lindsay, Joe and I rode over to Concordia Ale House to participate in the Concordia Cup, a blind tasting of Oregon Imperial (double) IPAs. We each ordered a tray and set about tasting. I started at #10, a beer infused with or aged in a wind barrel (Pinot we guessed). It was excellent. Continuing on, there were more traditional IPAs, lots of malt, strong hop (though only one was truly bitter).

After all the beers were sampled, we all ended up voting for #2, an abundantly citrusy and floral beer with a great balanced sweetness that I found the most pleasing. I wonder if the results are in.

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  • I stopped in Monday because I had the same burning question….you voted for the eventual winner.

    1. Beer #2, Hopness Monster – Deschutes Pdx
    2. Beer#6, Green Mammoth – Laurelwood
    3. Beer#8, Molten Lava – Double Mountain
    4. Beer#9, King Screamer – Deschutes Bend
    5. Beer#1, I2Pa – Rogue.

    The other beers were as follows:

    Beer#3, C-Note Lompoc Brewing
    Beer#4, Tricerahops – Ninkasi
    Beer#5, Perfect Storm – Willamette Brewing (although I think they changed their name)
    Beer#7, Hopasaurus Rex – Steelhead Brewing
    & a complete surprise that this wasn’t on the podium,
    Beer#10, Blue Dot – Hair of the Dog

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