Dogfish Head Tasting

Michelle and I took our Oly stubbies back to John’s Market tonight. The lot was full because Friday night includes wine testing. Damn, wine snobs and I’ve got a box of Oly Stubbies. I was very surprised as one typical Portland Male stepped to the side exposing a Dogfish Head banner, and a table with several sixers and open bottles with tasting glasses on it. Sweet Mercifal Crap! Dogfish Tasting!

I ditched the stubbies and we were able to try ImmortAle, Chicory Stout, and Raison D’etre – they were all fabulous. Very unique and full. Even the Wine tasters were enjoying it. Plus, I got to me the owner of John’s Marketplace – and he was really cool, just like the rest of his family. Best place to shop for beer hands down.

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