Hop planting

Yesterday Ella and I cleared some ivy off the south fence and turned some compost in to the soil before plating two rhizomes. I’ve grown hops in the past, but when we moved to NoPo, someone stole the 1/4 barrel keg I was growing them in, and I’ve not planted since.

We picked up our rhizomes from Portland Nursery, who sells around 8 potted varieties for $7 each. A little pricier than getting them from someplace like Freshops, but we were in the neighborhood and I love Portland Nursery. I got my first Nugget rhizome there a few years ago, but this year they have a wider selection of hops. I went with a Willamette (to stave off a shortage), and a Centennial. Ella picked Centennial over Cascade, but wasn’t to interested in learning the potential uses or characteristics and wanted to get back to putting gravel in the bird bath. (I cleaned it out, don’t worry)

Anyway, I hold high hopes for the plants. I love brewing fresh hop beers and will have two options this September.

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  • Awesome. Linds and I planted two rhizomes over the weekend too. The Centennial looked great while the Cascade appeared questionable (my fault for leaving them on the counter for most of a week, but we planted them both anyways. I may go back to the homebrew shop and get a third rhizome, just in case the Cascade never takes off. Besides, three would be even better than two.

  • Tis the season, we’re planing ours this weekend!

  • I also nabbed some hops while visiting Portland Nursery this weekend! Willamette and Nugget.

  • Good choices for the region Gabriel. Both handle the dampness well.

  • ok maybe I’ll wait until there isn’t frost on the ground every morning before I plant my rhizomes.

  • Long Island NY Planted 3 rhizomes from Oregon (Freshops) today 4-12-09. Cascade Mt. Hood and Sterling. Already have support pole housings in ground. Next week will start to build my trellises. Hoping to have some hops by seasons end to try out.

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